Jun 3, 2010

Nifty Little Bags

These are currently storage bags by the 
front door. 
For a while, I was on a bag kick and these are two examples of small-ish bags I made. The white and red one is fondly called "The Bug Bag" in our house and it stores my kids' sunscreens and sunglasses and a floppy beach hat that I can fold and tuck inside. The bag is hung right by the door so I can grab these essentials before we head out.

The other bag was a little more complicated to make because it has a lining. In it, I keep my sunglasses, my husband's sunglasses, our adult sunscreen and outgoing mail. It hangs above the Bug Bag right by our front door.

I learned a lot by making these two bags and it's neat to see that some things I made can be very useful around our house. They help me stay organized and who couldn't use a little organization, right?

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