Feb 25, 2011

Kid Art

Is it art only a mother could love? I'm not sure, but I DO love my three-year-old son's FIRST stick drawings! Literally, first ones! Yesterday, he was drawing cars, and a few days before that he'd "mastered" balloons (ie., a circle and a wavy stick). So today, I thought, why not use some fabric markers on linen and make this art a little more permanent? I thought, balloons would be perfect.
But he decided people would be better. Astronauts, in fact. (He's been majorly into all things space for about three months now.) So he made stick astronauts.
Then had me cut them out so he could play with them in his home-made rocket (argh. I did not want to do this.).
I did manage to spare one set of astronauts from the scissors and these, dear boy, will be mine.
 I do, indeed, love this kid art. (sigh) 

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