Feb 27, 2011

Knitted Apple Hat...upon request

A couple MONTHS ago, my son requested, ever so kindly, a knitted apple hat. Well, I finally got around to selecting the yarn and knitting it up. 
Now this is only my second hat that I've knit in the round. And the double-pointed needle part at the end REALLY tortured me. Lots of mistakes. Fortunately, the inserting-of-the-stem-and-leaves bit helped conceal some of the mistakes. 
This hat is based on a pattern by Susan B. Anderson, which I think I found in her cool book Itty Bitty Hats. (But I didn't use the recommended yarn and I also went off pattern at the end during the double-pointed needle part.) The small leaf was a part of Susan's pattern, but I made a larger one as well because I thought the hat needed it. I think it looks better this way too. :)
And here are my two kids going in different directions. My daughter is wearing a hat I knit for her last winter and now it finally fits!
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