Mar 5, 2011

So-Easy Mini Baby Quilt

 Before delving into REAL quilting (as in, lots of cutting, sewing, pressing, and binding), I got fairly good at the quick-and-easy.
I wanted to make a small, simple, yet darling quilt for my daughter.
I bought some pre-quilted pink fabric that just happened to have some batting attached to it. And I bought some light green flannel. 
I sewed them right sides together and then turned the blanket right-side out. Before doing so, I added a little white taggie that I imagined my daughter would play with some day.
Then I put a topstitch all the way around the quilt, 1" in from the seem.
 I quilted the blanket by putting 9 white yarn ties in it (3 rows of 3).
 It's small. It was easy to make. And I really can't find too much wrong with it. (The less steps you have, the less room for error. Awesome.)
Pretty good, huh?

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