Mar 3, 2011

The Girl's Quilt

I wanted my daughter to have a pretty quilt made by her mama. So I made this one (and forgot to upload it) when I was in my third trimester. Being about 7-8 months pregnant at the time, I was really big. And I wanted something easy (so I wouldn't have to bend and work up much of a sweat and stuff). And I didn't really know how to quilt.
 So I just went out and bought some fabrics that I liked and then sewed them (haphazardly?) together on one side.
 And tried to have some organizational design on the other side.
This is one of those I-turned-it-right-side-out-and-then-quilted-the-top jobs. Hey. It still looks pretty good (from a distance). And really, the fabrics make this quilt. And now I have my girl's quilt and my boy's quilt.

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  1. Aww love the fuschia print bird print on the back. Any idea what it is?


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