Apr 1, 2011

My Creative Space...A Rocket Pillow

Sometimes you just want to go off-pattern. That's how I felt when I tackled this project.
My son is REALLY into the planets and outer space these days and when I saw the "Rocket to Dreamland" pattern in the bookOne Yard Wonders: 101 Sewing Fabric Projects, I knew it was something I wanted for him. 
But...it had to be a little different.
 I wanted mine to have a front pocket so that my kids could put toys in it (to blast off, of course) and I wanted to use some chalkboard fabric on the back (just because). 
 I think my rocket is also fatter than the one in the book and more 2D. (The pattern in the book is really cool, don't get me wrong. It was just a day that I didn't feel like following directions. Free-wheeling is so much more fun sometimes!)
And so there we have it! My very own rocket pillow! (Er, my son's very own rocket pillow, which my daughter hijacks while he's at preschool!)
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