May 25, 2011

The Fifty States ~ Two Pillows

When I decide what to make, I'm definitely inspired by my kids. It's fun surprising them with something that they know was made especially for them.
Lately, my son has been into the fifty states. And this book, by Laurie Keller, is what started it all.
Now we have a floor puzzle and, no joke, my son can identify all the states and put them together! And he's 3! I'm shocked because even I have trouble with certain regions of the country (I won't embarrass myself and tell you any more than that.). 
Anyway, my son has wanted to carry around his favorite states from the puzzle--Kentucky and Oregon--and take them places (like to the store or playground, etc.). But I don't want him to lose the pieces and therefore, ruin the puzzle. So I decided to make pillow-toys of Kentucky and Oregon that he can take with him wherever he wants.

Here's my inspiration for Oregon.
And my rendering:
Here's what I used for Kentucky:
And the final product:
Here are the little guys hanging out before being introduced for the first time to my son.
And here's my son opening Kentucky.
You might be wondering why Kentucky and Oregon are his favorite states? Because his favorite colors are red and green (really)! No, he's never been to either place...but he really wants to now. :)
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  1. Adorable! It has to be the northeast, right? Vermont and New Hampshire always get me, every time... :) I love that your son has state pillows...too cute.


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