May 24, 2011

My First Dolly

Yay, I finished her! Right now, I'm referring to her as Little Pink Girl and it might just stay that way until my daughter gives her a better name.

I got the body pattern and nightie pattern from Jane Bull's book, Made By Me. I referred to Alicia Paulson's doll in her book, Stitched in Time, when I did the hair.

Here's a picture of my dolly before and after hair! Much improved, yes?
I also sewed a satiny ribbon into the back of the dolly for my daughter to play with (because this is what she does with her regular doll).
I gave Little Pink Girl to my daughter this weekend and 
she liked her. I was so glad.
Off to play!

Since this was my first attempt at sewing a doll, there were, of course, mistakes. Next time, I'll try to have more patience doing the hair (I used yarn and it was a little tricky with the needle I had). Also, I will try to bury the embroidery floss on the mouth next time. (It's supposed to be out and look like eyelashes on the eyes. I'm not sure if it does!) ;-)

Oh, by the way, I used Kona cotton for the body, and some fabric from an old bedsheet (that has appeared in other things) for the nightie. I added the details on the bottom of the nightie just for fun!
I'm looking forward to making another doll soon.

I'm linking up at Quilt Story today for 
Fabric Tuesday.
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  1. Very cute! It looks like she has a new friend :)

  2. awwwwww... so cute

  3. So precious! Love her (and the doll)! Thanks for linking to Quilt Story :)

  4. very cute.i love her happy face.well done :)
    yay i can finally comment,been having so much trouble with blogger.


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