May 20, 2011

Knit Baby Hat with Embroidery

My friend in Ohio had a baby earlier this week and I had this little green hat knitted up and ready to embellish once the baby's gender was announced. 
Well, it's a girl!
 Nora Jane was born Monday afternoon, so I got right to work embroidering a tiny label for the hat.
Yay! So glad Nora is finally here!
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  1. I love the label - that's adorable. Did you do that by hand?

  2. gorgeous hat love the color!wow your embroidering is excellent! thanks for the comment on my blog ,the dolls are great patterns .If you do decided to buy one her patterns i find the Mae doll the easiest pattern she also has a awesome boy doll version .{they are all great patterns :) }

    would love to see the doll you have sewen.
    Im now following too
    have a GREAT DAY.:)

  3. Love your hat. I am also a knitter so appreciate good work. check out my stuff at Again great job



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