Sep 30, 2011

Book Shelf Makeover

Isn't this owl book shelf cute??
It wasn't quite as cute when I first got it. Here it is in all its old, wooden been-around-for-awhile glory. Lucky for me, it came to me free. And when I saw it, I thought, Ah, potential!
I had my go-to color ready (it has, indeed, been my favorite color for projects lately). I put three coats of Neptune Blue on the book shelf, let it dry, and then sprayed some High Gloss Varnish on it to finish it off. And boy, was that a good idea. At first, I couldn't find my varnish and I didn't like the rough feeling of the painted wood.
 I finally found the Varnish (glad I was patient) and now the book shelf is nice and smooooth and glossy.
I added an oval of chalkboard fabric (just used some craft glue) and stuck it on.
Now it's ready to go! Pretty good for a free find, right?
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