Oct 2, 2011

Yellow & Gray Rosette Necklace

If you happened to have seen my post a few days ago about my yellow rosettes, you might've known that I had another rosette project in the works. Well, here it is!
 I like the yellow-gray combo and my idea was to have the rosettes worn a little off-center for a slightly more dressed-up look. Here's another view of my first-version of the necklace.
 After wearing it around a little bit, I found that the rosettes did not stay too well where I wanted them on my neck. There were two solutions I could see: 1) tie the ribbon tighter (which I did and thought it worked ok, but not exactly how I wanted it) or 2) add another rosette and beads to see what happened.
 So I added another rosette that would be a little higher on my neck, as well as a few more beads. Here's version two with the extras added on.
 I think this looks so much better! And it sits more comfortably too, being a little off-center which was what I wanted. It instantly dresses up a plain t-shirt! And it was very easy to do. :)
Yay for a new piece of jewelry!

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