Sep 7, 2011

Works-in-Progress ~ A Wee Vest & Hat

Well, maybe it's not so wee. 
But it's for a wee person.
I finished my first Explorer Vest last week. And then my son said his sister "needs one too!" So I decided I'd make hers the same size because, heck, she'll grow into it. And after trying his on for size (it's a 4-6 year old size), I didn't think it looked like she'd be swimming in it for long (even though she's not even 2 yet).
Sooooo...I was able to do my cutting this week and even sew up a few pockets. I have a ways to go, but I think, having had practice, this vest will go much quicker than the last one (provided I find the time. Today's sewing time? Zero minutes as of 9pm. Ugh.).
 I also cut out my pieces to a bucket hat for my son. It's another pattern by Oliver + S and, like the Explorer Vest, can be found in Little Things to Sew.
The pictures are dark today due to the lovely stormy weather we've been getting up here on the East Coast. Ah, rain. It's starting to feel more like Fall these days...maybe that's why I have orange fabric on the brain?

In other news, I was just featured today on Funky Polka Dot Giraffe for my Pigeon Shirt. Cool!

Happy to be linking up here today:
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  1. I took some time and read through quite a few posts on your blog and love that you are sewing for your son. I had three boys and sewed for all of them, and some of my favorite pictures are them in the things I made (just like that great picture of your son in his vest with the flashlight and the pigeon T-shirt). Really a treasure.

    I enjoyed my visit here very much--happy sewing!
    Elizabeth E!

  2. That fabric is going to look great as an Explorer Vest. Nice!

  3. I loved sewing for my girls when they were little! Keep having fun. :D


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