Sep 6, 2011

Rosettes and Fabric Jewelry Fun

I started something new a week or so ago. I started fooling around with fabric rosettes and you know what - it got a little addicting. (I was going to show you the table full of rosettes, but then decided maybe I shouldn't? hehe) Anyway, they're easy to do and you get some pretty fast gratification from making them.
My challenge was how to attach them to a necklace. I ended up hot-gluing some ribbon loops on the back.
This set actually stands up (rather than lies flat) and doesn't work so well on a chain. So I'm wrapping the rosettes differently this week (more on that in a future post!). The trick however--and I'll tell you this now--is if you want flat rosettes, you have to keep your finger and thumb on the top and bottom of the rosette as you wrap with your other hand (this way the fabric stays squished in place and doesn't bubble up).
I also started experimenting with these little fabric flowers, made out of circles (traced with a shot glass). Also, pretty addicting!
I made this one into a hair clip and it looks really cute in my daughter's hair! But guess what. I put it on her and before I could take a picture, she lost it. I am sure it's somewhere in my house, but where I do not know!

 By the way, the fabric in the hair clip is from this vintage sheet. Love it!
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  1. Adorable rosette's! Love the fabric and colors you used:) I am a new follower!!


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