Oct 10, 2011

Braided Fabric Fun!

Got some extra strips of fabric lying around? Here's an easy way to use them up and make them into beautiful accessories!

 First, take three long strips of fabric about an inch or so wide. (To get the frayed look, you'll want to rip the scrap off a wider scrap!) Then, knot the three strips at one end. I found a big safety pin useful to secure the knot somewhere before braiding (like on a couch cushion or something that won't move when you're tugging and braiding.
 You can do multiple braided strips at varying lengths to create interest! Tie the necklace tighter (top photo) for one look, or a little looser for something different (second photo).
 Or you can stick with one strip. Use it as a hair band one day...

...and a necklace the next.

 Inspiration for this post was found on Cakies, a beautiful blog with gorgeous pictures and lots of great ideas.
**If you make a braided necklace or hairband, please be sure to link up your pics in my FLICKR Group! Thanks!**
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