Oct 4, 2011

A Second Bucket Hat ~ She had to have one too!

 Because it was raining the day I gave this hat to my daughter, I ended up taking pictures of it inside. Once again, this is a bucket hat from Little Things to Sew: Oliver + S. I made one for my son not too long ago. 
 My daughter has a favorite side. This one isn't it.

It's this side. The one with the dogs. It's kind of a goofy fabric, but she's crazy about dogs and I knew it'd make her happy. The other side was for me to look at and like. :) 
My kids wear their "explorer hats" with their explorer vests (also from Oliver + S) and are so happy about them. Seeing them get excited about wearing some things I made makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Tearing out all those stitches and re-doing that dang curved seam (on both hats) was worth it in the end. Definitely worth it.
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  1. really, really nice bucket hats. they are hard to find in the stores. wow... really cute too. it does not surprise me that she likes the dogs.. hehehehe


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