Oct 28, 2011

Hair Clippies for Charity ~ What I Gave

I did a bunch of hair clips last week for a charity fundraiser in my community. It was fun experimenting in different ways with ribbon and it felt good to give some of my time (and craftiness) to a good cause! 

I really liked doing the duckie and the firefly -- but they look a little more sticky and lumpy in their photo than in person - darn!

You might recognize my pinwheel below. I did some before on an earlier post.
I really like how this little pink rosette looks on a clippie. Very classy, I think. Not so sure about the one next to it...
And this last one I just made the other day for my daughter. Can you tell what it is?? 
A pumpkin, of course! :)
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  1. Very cute! Especially love the firefly!

  2. These are so cute! It's hard to choose the one I like the best. I love the pink rosette, and I LOVE the pinwheel (I took a quick peek at the older post and the link to the tutorial)! But, as it's Halloween time, I think my VERY best is the pumpkin!!! :-)


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