Oct 21, 2011

Little Rosette Earrings ~ Tutorial

I have been into rosettes lately and thought, if they look good on hair clips and necklaces, why not earrings?
  So here is my little tutorial on making little rosettes for the ears.

If you like bigger-sized earrings, go with 1" strips of fabric and knot them at the top.
 Or if you liked small, daintier earrings, go with .25" strips and knot them (I did both to compare.)
Pinch the knot (with the very end face-down) and wrap a full circle around before starting to turn to make "petals." Make sure the fabric is folded in half (you can glue the fabric in half before starting if it'd make it easier for you. But don't overdue it or the rosette will end up stiff and too thick.) Below is a picture of my first turn. I turn outward--top to bottom--to make a flatter rosette.
 I suggest putting a dab of hot glue on the rosette right before and after every turn. Just a tiny bit.
 Depending on what you like, you can make 2 turns per round, 4 turns, or a continuous set of turns. I did about 4 per round. When your rosette gets big enough, you might find it easier to move your finger and thumb to the top and bottom of the rosette to make it easier to hold, and help keep the rosette flat. See below. (If the rosette gets too thick, it'll dangle off your ear and won't look so good.)
 I used about 9" of fabric, but go with what you like. At the end, do one final turn-down and glue the edge on the bottom of the rosette. Snip off any extra fabric.
 Here are my finished rosettes from the 1"-wide fabric. I added a felt circle to the bottom, but decided not to do that with the .25" fabric because it made the earring thicker than I wanted.
 Here's another shot of the 1"-wide fabric earring.
 Immediately after finishing these, I started the smaller set with my strips of fabric that were .25" wide.
 See how much smaller these earrings turned out?
 I like the littler ones better. I think they're more subtle and less of a "statement." Which is what I prefer. Do you have a preference?
 Easy and fun to do. And who doesn't love saying, "I made them!" when someone gives you a compliment? Enjoy! :)
**If you make one of these projects, please be sure to link up your pics in my FLICKR Group! Thanks!**
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  1. Thank you for sharing - these little rosettes are gorgeous. I will definately give this a go :)

  2. Hi Mary Jo,
    These are very cute! Thank you for sharing the tutorial - I'd love to give them a try!


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