Oct 15, 2011

Pom Pom Bib Necklace ~ So Pretty & Easy to Do

 So this past week I volunteered to make some jewelry for a community fundraiser and decided I needed to get to work figuring out something that looked smart and pretty at the same time. I found this awesome tutorial here for a beautiful pom pom bib necklace and got busy.
 I did my chain differently than the tutorial. I bought 6' of chain, jump loops, and lobster clasps and made my own chain at a length I liked (about 8" of chain on each side). I was very proud of myself for not only locating pliers (!) to cut the chain, but for also assembling the whole thing and making it look rather good! Right after I finished, I wanted to do another one. So I did.
 Not sure yet which necklace(s) I'm donating yet (I'm sort of in love with the gray one and want to keep it), but I know I'm going to be making some more in the next few days to try out some other fabrics and colors. Fun and easy. And aren't they pretty??
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  1. Very nice! They should do well at the fundraiser.

  2. Love the necklaces - hope they sell well!

  3. They are gorgeous. I love the grey one too - I can totally understand how you wouldn't want to part with it! :)

  4. Hey these are great - I'm going to give one a go - thanks for sharing!


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