Dec 21, 2011

Pretty Monogrammed Pendant Necklace

 A while ago, I saw these on etsy, and I thought they were really sweet, simple, and classic-looking. I also thought I could do that. I bought the supplies a while back, but hadn't worked up the nerve to do the embroidery until recently. Christmas time, right? When in need of a present, try a new craft. Erm, well, something like that.
The "P" is the first initial in my friend's son's name. And he loves this shade of blue, so I thought, Wouldn't this be a touching gift??? Well, I hope she thought so and not, Oh, great, another homemade gift! It's my first one, so I know there's room for improvement anyway. :-)

 I hope to do some more down the road. I am totally the sentimental type, so I'd love to have one with my kids' initials too.
I bought the pendant here and the chain at Joann's. It was fun to do, and I realized that even though the space to create is small, there is still plenty of room for creativity!
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  1. Very sweet! I've been meaning to have a go at these too, I think they look lovely.

  2. What a super idea! It looks great - you should definitely make some more!!! :-)


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