Jan 31, 2012

Bird's Nest Earrings and Necklaces

I really love the beautiful bird's nest necklaces that have been floating around blogland. So I thought I would try making some bird's nest earrings.
I've seen a few dangly bird's nest earrings, but nothing on studs. And when I'm around the kids all day, studs are much more practical. Plus, I had a bunch of posts from previous projects here and here to use!
Of course I did try making the necklace as well.
 See these greenish-blue beads? They were bronze and, feeling daring and desperate, I used some nail polish to make them more of a robin's egg color. Not sure if it really turned out so well! So then I just used pearls again for another necklace. I used two pearls to represent my two kids. I debated a third pearl for daddy, but my son said, "Daddy's not a kid."'Nuff said.
To make the bird's nest, I followed this awesome tutorial here.
Fun. Easy. Just my style.
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  1. These are gorgeous!!! I can't believe that you made the 'eggs' blue using nail varnish!!! They look so good - and that colour is gorgeous!!! You're so clever!

  2. I love making the bird's nest pendant and my friends love them, never thought about putting them on studs though. I usually buy turquoise beads to make them look like robin's eggs so thanks for the idea! I just bought little turquoise beads so I will give it a go!


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