Jan 16, 2012

Christmas Quilt Reveal #2

Now it's finally time to post my daughter's Christmas Quilt! 
Yes, I certainly wish I'd gotten both her's and my son's quilts done before Christmas Eve so that I could've taken pics and posted while we were all still in that post-Christmas glow. But I figure, why not do it now, even if all the Valentine's stuff is already hitting the shelves! Why not, right? So here it is. And I have to say, I totally dig it.
 Even the sideways panel strip on the back. Just didn't have enough of the old-fashioned Rudolph print to put it the other way. And just didn't realize I could've put the strip going the other way too -- until it was too late. Doh! Oh well.
 I have some wonky quilting going on. Just enough to keep things together.
I wanted this to be a really cozy, thick quilt. One that my daughter could snuggle up with in the years to come. I did the turn-it-inside out method and then sewed a 1" line around the edges for a binding look. It turned out, that respect, just how I wanted it too. Never mind that it was also super quick!
 The blocks were 9"x9". I had tons of fun putting the creative juices to work for this part. I also found this book really helpful in this stage of the game.
The finished quilt ended up being 46"x56". A good lap size or toddler bed size, I've found.
Looking forward to many more Christmases wrapped up with this one. And my little munchkin.

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  1. What fun! I love how you pieced the back :-)

  2. Gorgeous!!! The back is fab too!!! You're soooo clever! :-)

  3. This is super cute, I love Christmas quilts! And I love the special touch on the back too.


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