Jun 15, 2012

Embroidered Hoop

After several episodes of Friday Night Lights, I finally finished this embroidered hoop!
 The pattern is from Sarah Jane Studios, which I bought online and got an instant download. I don't have a lot of experience with embroidery, but enjoyed switching over from sewing for a bit. Plus, I like that it's something that I can do while relaxing in front of the tube.
 I'm playing around with some other fabrics in hoops, but obviously these ones just don't all work together. 
I'm not sure whether I'll try to coordinate with some other fabrics or just hang "November" on its own. I need to look around a little more on Pinterest for some inspiration...
 As for now, I'm just happy looking at my little November girl as she is! (I picked November because it's my daughter's birth-month, but Sarah Jane Studios as all 12 months and they're all so cute!).


  1. VERY sweet! I really like all the embroidery hoop thingamybobs that are popping up everywhere. I really must give it a go.....

  2. very, very nice. it will be something that A. will always have...


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