Jun 6, 2012

Simple Skirt

 This was a very fast and gratifying project. The fabric came second-hand from someone who didn't want it (along with some other freebies that I was very eager to snatch up) and though at first I didn't think this fabric was my style, or anything I'd ever pick out myself, I quickly changed my mind when I saw it as a skirt for my daughter.

 The person who owned this fabric before had already done some stitching in it (maybe for a pillow case? not sure) so really all I did was trim, sew a hem, and put in a casing for an elastic -- and it become a skirt! So easy. The pattern follows Dana's Simple Skirt tutorial. She has great pictures and directions on her blog.
 It's a funky print. I wasn't sure what might go with it, and so this ensemble was kind of thrown together. But I think it kind of works maybe in a kiddie bohemian way. I've got more of this fabric too, and now I'm debating what to do with it. 
Matching skirt for me??
I couldn't resist putting in a homemade label. I get a kick out of doing these, hehe.
Well, not bad for a fast, free project. Now, I'm looking around thinking...what next?


  1. that is a super-cute skirt- i need one in adult size please! lovely. :)sarah

  2. Awesome!I would love to try something like this for my daughter.


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