Jun 2, 2012

Dora's Map!

 I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the MAP!
I was gearing up to make this sort of Backpack for my daughter, when my husband came home with the one above from a business trip. I figured it saved me a lot of trouble.
 But I thought Backpack looked lonely without Map, so during an episode (or two) of Dora the Explorer, I made Map to go with Backpack. I actually had a lot of fun doing it.
Materials used: felt, black permanent marker, hot glue gun, scissors, my new serger (still getting the hang of it)
 I decided to put a lot of different places on the map so that my kids could be imaginative with their adventures. Let's see if you can find the following:
-Tallest Mountain   -Tico's Tree   -Benny's Barn  
-the Troll's bridge   
- Banana Grove     -Icky Sticky Sand        -Crocodile Pond        
-Library -Isa's Flower Garden  -the Moon  
-and a random pair of bushes (ha)
Well, there it is! Happily rolled up and waiting for someone to call MAP!!

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