May 31, 2012

Every Little Thing Tunic in Action

Last night, I finished this little tunic for my daughter.
(Doesn't the bow look nice? Keep reading.)
 We were going to my son's preschool picnic where, within minutes, someone handed her (scary music) a bottle of bubbles.
 Normally, I love bubbles. But they're quite messy. And it's SO hard to watch something you just finished creating get messed upon. 
(Am I not right??)
 Anyway. I never quite got the perfect shots I wanted before the bubble soap soaked up the front of her dress. The bow, let's say, was very "convenient" as it caught the bulk of the soap.
It had to be removed.
As for the tunic itself, I really do love it. It's Shwin & Shwin's Every Little Thing Tunic Pattern. I'm pretty proud of the results! It's my first dress/tunic and I'm already planning for the second one with this pattern. Here, I used chambray on the bodice and the bottom trim, and a very lightweight print for the middle. 
 Check out the pocket. What a great feature. Love it.
 Can you see the cute flower buttons on the back? And yes, she's still clutching those bubbles.
It was a fun morning, indeed.


  1. That is a really cute tunic! Looks great on your cute model :)

  2. She is adorable, the pockets and the buttons are great - and I like it better without the bow :) You are so crafty!!

  3. What a great make, Mary Jo! I love the tunic, and you have SUCH a cute model to show it off!!! It's a shame about the bow. But it still looks fabulous!


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