May 18, 2012

Two Layers Circle Skirt

Oh? Is that picture way too dark? Is it because I finished at around 11pm and couldn't control myself with the camera? Because I was just so darn pleased by the skirt's cuteness? Why, yes. Yes, yes, yes!
The next day, I couldn't wait to try it on my little girl. So with Popsicle in hand, we headed out to the patio to water some plants.
Water, water, water.
Then stop to smell the...peppers? Oh, yes!
For this late-night sewing session, I also got up the nerve to try out my new serger. Finally! I serged the bottoms of both layers instead of hemming. I felt SO accomplished after getting the thing to work (it seriously sat untouched in my sewing corner for two weeks. I thought it looked scary.).
Oh, and I put a label on the inside. Now we can be sure of the front and the back of the skirt (= quicker dressing). Pretty neat, huh?
Fun skirt for summer. Fun skirt to water plants in. Just fun!

 And for those interested in the nitty-gritty, I consulted Made's circle skirt tutorial for the structure of the skirt, You & Mie for how to do the casing, and Made again for the double-layer inspiration. And one more thing - I got both fabrics at a yard sale for 50-cents each! Whoo-hoo! And it was at least a yard of each. Total score.
Well, doing this skirt has given me some more confidence in sewing (as it's an on-going process for me) and I'm looking forward to making another little skirt very soon!


  1. I love the orange gingham on top...darling!

  2. The skirt is lovely. The boots make the outfit.

  3. What an adorable skirt! I wish I had little girls to sew for

  4. Cute, cute, cute (little girl AND skirt)!!! :-)
    What a great make - I love the bright colours you used!

  5. What a cute skirt,so pretty with different colors!I would love to stitch it for my niece!

  6. Very cute, you did an awesome job! =)

  7. Such a cute combination of bright colors!

    Thank you for linking!

  8. It's perfect!! I love it! Thanks for adding it to the you & mie flickr pool. I really love the fabrics and making it double layer was such a great idea!

  9. I have spent my morning finding some skirt patterns for my little girl. I first looked up circle skirts, because she likes her skirts loose and twirly. Then I found the reversible skirt - and liked the casing. Then I decided that she'd like layers - to almost look like ruffles, and add some extra colour. Seems like we've had the same idea! I also have a serger that I'm scared to use. Thanks for showing me what 'my' idea will look like!


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