May 15, 2012

House Warming Pillow

 I have been in the middle of some bigger projects lately (and haven't been posting), but had to stop everything to finish (er, start AND finish) a pillow case that I wanted to make for a friend. Her last minute visit from Canada kicked me into high gear.
I sewed a bunch of strips together, made an envelope closure, and ironed on (and later stitched to secure) a little label on the back corner. Oh, and I also put a line of yellow embroidered stitches across the front (not sure if you can make those out in the top photo!).
Anyway, my friend was really happy and surprised by the gift! She told her daughter she'd have "a little reminder of Mary Jo" right there in her new house with her. Can't wait to visit! :)


  1. Beautiful!!! The bold, bright colours are so cheery, and I love the way you've pieced strips of fabric together!

  2. I especially like the back!
    What a brilliant idea!
    You rock girl!


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