May 7, 2012

Little Girl Clothes

 Yay! We we've had some nicer weather lately, and I finally got the chance to put my daughter in a couple of the garments I made during KCWC!

 The first thing I made was this Audrey cape
I originally posted it HERE
 I really like the look of this hounds tooth cape with the vintage button. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. And the 55-degree weather on perfect worked well with a wool cape to wear to church.
  (My daughter insisted on taking these steps alone, though my husband was, like, ten inches away. Still made me a little nervous. There were about 12 of those steps. Eeep.)
 Today, my little girl got to wear her ruffle skirt to playgroup and then out to play. It's a little long on her now, but that only means it'll work next summer too (hopefully).
 It's supposed to rain for the next three days, so I'm hoping we don't go stir crazy indoors. These spring-teaser days are hard!


  1. I love the ruffle skirt, Mary Jo! She looks soooooo pretty in it!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for some more sunshine for you (and us)......

  2. I adore that houndstooth cape! Adorable!! Megan


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