Aug 31, 2012

Newborn Baby Hats

The couple that lives down the hall just had their first baby, and though I don't know them very well, they've always been so kind and smiley to us and the kids. So when I saw their little one-week old cutie yesterday, I was immediately inspired to make some newborn hats for him. I *really* wish I had some of the cute fabrics that Zaaberry had with her awesome tutorial.
(Unfortunately, most of my current knit fabrics are pink and girly. Not much for a little baby boy.)
However, I went with what I had and came up with a few variations. My favorite is the one on top, mainly because I think that one has the best chance of fitting. (It has the best stretch.)
The red one will fit too, but it was made from an old t-shirt and the jersey fabric was a little tricky to keep from curling. I like the bear hat, but the right ear looks a little wonky. Trying to work my serger on a curve was a bit tricky (still getting used to the machine and it's fussiness) and that hat with its thick fleece just came out...a bit odd. And perhaps not stretchy enough.
So I figure out of four attempts the baby should be able to wear at least one, right? My husband said, It's the thought that counts.
The kids are making the baby some pictures and we're going to bring over our homemade gifts later today. Can't wait to see that cute little baby again!

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  1. Aaaaah! Mary Jo, these are sooooo cute - you've done a fantastic job! I checked out the tutorial and saved it. Now I'm just wondering who I know who has a little baby.....


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