Aug 23, 2012

Pretty Little Ruffle Shorts

These couldn't be any cuter...or easier!

I had some leftover ruffle fabric from this skirt and thought some shorts were in order.
(Um...Does my 2 year-old-look 5 in this shot or is it just me?? Her legs look crazy long.)

The fabric speaks for itself. I didn't have to do much. I traced some shorts I own and sewed up the legs and sides. Then I sewed a casing around the waist and used a 1/4" elastic (I think. Anyway, it was really small.) I didn't need to make the waist look neat and I didn't need to hem the legs. The ruffles cover up all the raw edges. Yay!
She can wear the shorts with a top to just hang around, or she can wear a skirt over the top to look extra fancy. I TOTALLY love this idea (layering was actually the impetus for these shorts. How cute is it to see some ruffles peaking out from under a skirt? And, who doesn't want their daughter flashing the neighbors as she cycles around the block??)
Yeah, we're diggin' these EASY ruffle shorts.
* A note on the fabric. I found it at Joann's! Shocker! I love the vintage flower look of it and snapped some up. At $16/yd, it's not cheap, but hello 40% off coupon (and no shipping costs) Love those coupons. Keeps me coming in. (Especially now that I have the Joann's App, which saves all my coupons on my phone. Sooo convenient. I admit it: I love Joann's.)


  1. Wow..........!!!!!!!!!!Awesome...!!!!!Thanks for sharing such a beautiful shorts.

  2. I never thought of ruffle shorts - these are just too cute. Great idea and execution! ~Suzanne (


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