Oct 5, 2012

Bubble Dress

First of all, I have to say that I LOVE this dress. When I saw it on the blog Straight Grain, I simply fell in love with the style. I found that I kept going back to this page, wondering if I could make such a beautiful dress. I finally printed out the pattern pieces and followed the (awesome) tutorial.
For my not-quite-three-year-old-daughter, I ended up using the size 6 pattern top, and the size 8 pattern bottom for length with the size 6 waist. Did you follow that? :) It worked. My kid is pretty big for her age.

Above, we have the standard watering-the-flowers pose. My patio is typically my go-to place for quick pics with natural light.
And then we went to the zoo a few weeks ago and I thought it'd be a great place for a photo shoot. Check out that gorgeous peacock.
The outer layer of this dress had this funky print that I picked up locally (a generous person on Freecycle.org). I used it previously on a skirt (which, honestly, she never wears. In fact, my daughter rarely uses the skirts I make her. I don't know why. I make them because they're easy and quick. But I am finding I have more luck with shorts. And hats. Maybe this will change when she gets a little older. Like with Clara, who is five and loves skirts. Anyway, I digress.)
The inside of the skirt is this red and white satiny material, also picked up from a generous Freecycler. Can't remember if it was the same person. (I love Freecycle. I also picked up some darling tap shoes this week for my daughter. They are seriously cute and now I'm thinking dance classes are in our future maybe sooner than later. On another side note, I try to donate stuff too to keep up the good karma.)
Many, many shots of this dress, I know.
The one below I liked because of the elephant bones in the ground. Kinda cool, hopping across those ribs.
Oh, and here's another example of the bubble dress - almost forgot. I made one for my friend's daughter too. She's about 1.5 years old and so super cute.
Anyway, thank you again Straight Grain for such a sweet pattern. I truly love it.


  1. I'm so glad that I'm following you! What a gorgeous dress. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work:)


  2. Love the dress but love the little one even more!,,,,,,

  3. What a cute dress!!! And what a clever mommy!

  4. This is so cute,Thanks for sharing!

  5. hi! beautiful dress! (i found your site from your comment on the tutorial for this dress) i was wondering what sized you used to make the dress for the 1.5 yr old little girl?

    1. Hi Nici! I just realized my email didn't go through to you b/c your email address was "no-reply blogger." So, sorry for this late answer. I actually used the 4 top and 4 bottom. Good luck if you make one! I'm curious to know if the 4 fits your little girl too. :)
      Mary Jo


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