Oct 9, 2012

A Dress Experiment

This project turned into more of an experiment than anything. As in, what can I get away with? I started with this beautiful and simple corduroy. I really liked it when I was at Joann's so I bought a little (eh-hem). It is soft, lightweight, and, I thought, perfect for the fall. At the time, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. Enter the commercial pattern -- Butterick 3047 -- that I bought on a whim off eBay for about $3 shipped. Because I am impetuous and not a sewing perfectionist, I started cutting right away, excited about the probability of improvising. Because, you know, I didn't buy enough fabric. 
 Quickly, I realized I didn't have enough corduroy for those long-sleeves I really wanted to make. So I lined the bodice (with pink cotton) and made side-seam pockets (because they're fun to find) and got used to the idea that I'd be making another sleeveless dress. (And I also started realizing that these type of dresses are all so similar with their bodices and gathered skirts. All you have to do to make them different is play with the neckline and the seem -- front or back, buttons or, in my case eyelets.)

The pattern called for buttons. And I should've just gone with it. But for some reason, I thought this bodice was going to be too small on my daughter (I used the size 3 pattern). So I punched holes (a fun technique I had never done before) and thought I'd lace up the front with a ribbon like a corset. Well, I tried this and it didn't look so great with only 6 holes. So I made felt bows. The top one snaps off to allow the dress to fit over my daughter's largish head. (It ended up being close.) I am thinking about going back to the lacing-up-the-front idea and cutting off those felt bows. (sigh) I will have to punch more eyelets though. As much fun as it was initially, I am not excited about doing any more when I thought I was officially done with this dress.
I should also note that the dress is all-over too big. I added an elastic waistband inside the gathered seam to pull in the dress a bit. I think it helped - a bit.
My "photo shoot" was very low-key. I didn't even change her socks (actually her brother's). She's donning a short-sleeve shirt beneath this dress, but I want to say, on record, that I envision a long-sleeved shirt beneath it in the future. We were just not going to wrestle today. I'm just glad she likes it. This version, anyway.

And so there we have it. My first completed (sort of) project for KCWC.


  1. The little bows are adorable! It will look fantastic with a long-sleved blouse! Another fab project!!!

  2. i love your total experimental sewing technique here...maybe you can call it 'stream of conciousness sewing'?! i actually think it turned out very cute- the bows look great to me, and who doesn't love side-seam pockets? :)sarah


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