Oct 10, 2012

Night Mittens in Hounds Tooth

Eh? Night mittens? What...? Well, here's the deal. My daughter has very dry skin and eczema. I won't get into the nitty-gritty, but it has gotten pretty bad (we are seeing a great pediatric dermatologist, so don't worry). One of the many techniques we use to hydrate her skin is using gloves/mittens at night. Typically, we lotion up her hands and then wet the gloves and she keeps them on most of (if not the entire) night. And she really loves this. If I forget to either lotion or wet the gloves she reminds me. I think it's because it all feels good to her skin. And it works.
Anyway, the gloves she's been using have gotten rather dingy. So I decided to make her some mittens. (Finding soft jersey-type kiddie gloves has actually been hard for me. I've been using kiddie gardening gloves.) Also, instead of doing gloves, I decided to make mittens (easier) and see how they work. I used leftovers of this hounds tooth fabric that I love, determined not to let any go to waste after making a skirt, a scarflette, a scrappy skirt for my daughter, and a hat. For the mittens, I also used some black interlock fabric. For the pattern, I just traced a glove we had.
 Hmmm. These aren't so bad.
I started and finished these mittens this afternoon while my daughter slept. And though I am fully conscious of the fact that many other sewists would probably be able to pump out 3 or 4 pairs in an hour, I'm happy I got one. Because my five-year-old DOESN'T NAP. (And I really got into the dinosaurs-taking-over-the-castle game.)
So we're giving these gloves a-go tonight. (I hope they are not too big.)
Another project done for KCWC. Yay!


  1. You're such a busy bee lattely!!! So many super makes!!!

  2. I wouldn't mind a pair for me!!! I bet they are nice and soft.... Mittens are always better than gloves!


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