Dec 11, 2012

Hair Bows

It's been busy, but I managed to squeeze in a little project over the last 24 hours. Hair bows!
I've been dying to try this tutorial for korker hair bows for a long time (I mean, I bought the dowels a couple years ago. Yeah.) I realized quickly after I got started how super EASY they are to do! I'm never going to buy another korker hair bow again. 
(Though I do really love the ones at Crazy 8, and they always go on
For this flower clip, I bought a Gerber daisy at AC Moore (again, about 2 years ago), separated each layer, pulling out the stem and the center bits. Then I hot-glued the layers together, adding a felt flower and a jewel for the center. Easy.
Another corker bow, 
this one a little bigger. For Christmas, of course.
And then, once the korker bows were done, I tried something else...
Knitted hair bows.
They were quick, seriously. I knitted them last night during about a 45 min TV show. I followed this excellent tutorial that's been on my Little Girlie Hair Clips Pinterest board for a while. Then I attached them to clips with hot glue. So cute. 
I wish I had better pictures. It's sad to say that I haven't taken my fancy-schmancy camera off Auto yet... I'll get there. I know, pathetic, right? But I am reading the books to learn how to take better pics and that's a start.
 I bought the plastic barrettes here on etsy. creative cravings are satisfied for a little bit. BUT I really need to get to work on the Christmas presents. More on that hopefully soon! What do YOU make for a quick fix?


  1. Love them all! Glad the knitted bows turned out for you and thanks for the link up!

  2. What a good idea! I have looked at the tutorial, and can't wait to cook some ribbon. I have never seen that done before.


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