Dec 17, 2012

A Stick Horse for Christmas

Christmas gift #1 is done. [BIG SIGH]
I'm only making two gifts this year, one for my daughter and one for my son. And this stick horse is for my little girl. I really hope she likes it!
I followed THIS really awesome tutorial from ikatbag. Pattern pieces and step-by-step directions really helped me through the process (I was actually rather nervous to start.) I have never done a dart before (warning: this pattern contains a dart! Would you have guessed?). But I can now say that I've done one. Yay for learning new things! I know I made a few mistakes, but hopefully, you won't catch them. 
I seriously could not BELIEVE that when I turned the finished horse head right-side-out that it looked pretty close to what it was supposed to. Hurray!
Here's the view my daughter will have riding the horse:
All fall, she would find branches behind our building and ride them around like a horse. I may be chancing things by giving her an "inside" stick, but I think she'll have fun with it. And we have a long hallway on our floor.
The other reason why I made her a stick horse for Christmas was because my grandma made me one for Christmas when I was little. I was too young to appreciate her sewing skills, but I sure do now. Though my grandma is no longer with us, it was kind of nice to reminisce, and think about her a bit as I sewed up this horse. Oh, and by the way, I grew up calling it a "mop horse." Did anybody else, or was that just our family??

Seven days left... happy crafting and sewing!

PS: I took these pics with my phone, in a rather dark and gloomy bedroom (go away rain!) because, of course, I didn't want my kids to see this horse...and have I mentioned that neither one of them nap anymore? Right on. So I had to be stealthy...


  1. That is adorable! Great job! I will have to check that tutorial out. I know a 3 year old who would love one.

  2. What a brilliant handmade present! You're so clever, my dear! :-)

  3. Santa brought (bought) hobby horses for our kids 3 years ago...and they still get played with today! Hope your's has years of fun, too!

  4. Ahem, grandma did not make you a stick horse! I did!

  5. what a great christmas gift idea! we have one of these but definitely not homemade - this is way cuter!

    Loved seeing this at the special link party supporting Sandy Hook last week. Hope you'll come to The Humble Brag link party today to see some features from last week and link up some more cool projects. We also give away free ad space every week! Happy Friday!


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