Dec 31, 2012

Patchwork Chenille Baby Quilt

Oh, Chenille Quilt, I am glad you are done!
Not in time for Christmas, mind you, but I did get it done a few days afterwards.
I started this little quilt by sewing the top and then assembling the quilt layers over the summer.
 Then, only recently, I spent hours and hours quilting this sucker and then cutting the strips.
Let me back up and say I followed this lovely tutorial at Aesthetic Nest, a blog I truly enjoy reading for all its beautiful sewing work and photography. I thought about going out and buying some nice matching fabric for this project, but decided to go with what was in my stash and see how the chenille turned out.
Everything turned out well and I'm quite happy with how the chenille looks and feels! I love the rounded corners (which I'd never done before). And I love my pink binding which I attached entirely with my machine.
However. This little 25"x22" quilt was a bear.
The biggest problem for me was that I made it more difficult than it should've been. Mine is more of a quilt than a blanket (as the tutorial calls for). Meaning, I made this patchwork top with all these little seams going this way and that. And I never even considered how very difficult cutting up those bottom three layers would be with my scissors getting caught over and over on those darn seams. So if you do this project, DON'T make my mistake and do a pieced top. I have an extremely sore and bruised hand/thumb from all my scissoring. And, I'll also share, that the last two fingers on my cutting hand went numb for a couple DAYS after cutting up the majority of the underside. Ouch!
So this leads to my other suggestion: get one of those Olfa Chenille Cutter's that Aesthetic Nest recommends if you are serious about doing chenille blankets. :)
Anyway. It's done. It's lovely. And it's going in my daughter's newly re-vamped doll cradle (which I'll post about later on this week. Hopefully.). I can now cross Chenille Baby Blanket/Quilt off my list!
Have a great week!


  1. would keep me warm in rochester

  2. Wow! So pretty with the patchwork. And a lot of work, I know! Thank you so much for sharing it with me.


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