Mar 5, 2013

The Pteranodon T-Shirt

Well, this shirt got a little carried away. I *think* it works, but seriously, I'm not sure. I kinda think it looks a little Trek-y with the collar (Spoc-ish with the green?). My husband assures me it doesn't. Still...I'm not sure.
It started with a simple idea -- a pteranodon. I found a nice silhouette online and proceeded to apply him the same way I did the allosaurus on this shirt. (But did you know that a pteranodon is not, actually, a dinosaur? I'm learning things all the time from my 5-year-old.) Then the clouds needed to be added. And then the embroidered FLY. Oh, and I couldn't forget the French knot eye on the non-dinosaur.
Then my son turns around. Is that a strip of fabric going down the back? And stripes on the side? What??
Here's the full disclosure: I cut my front and back pieces with the stretch going the wrong way. And didn't realize it until AFTER I did all the applique and embroidery (BIG GROAN). I needed to add those black strips for breathing room. (There are patches under his arms too.) I HAD to save the shirt...
 Lesson learned: I do not do my best work late at night. Kudos to all those sewists who are up till midnight (and beyond) working. I just can't do it. (Hanging head.)
 (Enough already, Mom)
I'm hoping this shirt will be worked into the rotation. I let my son pick out his school clothes and when he kept choosing the allosaurus shirt over store-bought shirts (which totally thrilled me) I figured I had to make him something else. Unlike my daughter, my son typically loves everything I make for him. I'm hoping this one is comfy enough with all the fixings. Tomorrow will be the test...(fingers crossed). I may or may not place it on the top of his shirt pile, for no reason at all...

Pattern: Rae's Flashback Skinny Tee
Fabric: the black is rib knit; white and yellow are Kona cotton; all from Joann's
Embroidery: backstitch on FLY using 4 red threads
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  1. That is the cutest shirt ever! My 3 yr old would love it. I think your save looks awesome. Fantastic job!

    Stopping by from Flusters Creative Muster! New follower! Can't wait to read more. :)


  2. Brilliant! :-)
    You did such a good job!

  3. Don't question it, this is great! It caught my eye on flickr, because I have a little guy who just turned 4, and it looked like something he would totally love!

  4. I love the applique on the shirt! I think the stripe in the back is a cool design feature. :)


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