Sep 17, 2013

Morning Schedules ~ inspired by Family Fun Magazine

Check out these morning checklists I made for my kids! 
They have worked so well for the past couple weeks, really getting my kids to move in the morning. And I find myself not rushing around nearly as much after incorporating them into our morning routine. Honestly, they have made the mornings much more peaceful. The kids really get into lifting the flaps and being "done" with their chores.
Yay, happier mornings for us all!
{The idea for these morning checklists came from the September 2013 issue of FamilyFun magazine (see page 68).} 

I used file folders I had on hand. 
Then I found some cute clip art.
I glued scrapbook paper to the insides as well as the outside flaps.
To close the flaps, I used magnets, and when I ran out, I used some Velcro strips that I had in my sewing stash.
Finally, I threaded a ribbon through the holes at the top of the folder so that I can hand the checklists in the front hall. (To get the ribbon through, I fastened a safety pin to one end and pushed it through.)
My son has a few more chores in the morning, including making his bed and practicing his violin. So I did two checklists for him (6 total flaps). When my daughter saw how much FUN the checklists were, she wanted one too. For my little girl, I kept it simple: Eat Breakfast, Get Dressed, Shoes On.
She loves it!
FamilyFun calls this the "no-nag checklist" and, indeed, it is. 

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with FamilyFun. I just love the magazine and like to share the projects that work for our family. You can find other FamilyFun projects on my blog here and here.
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  1. This is a great idea! Letting kids feel they have accomplished something, while making things easier for the parents! ;) Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a great idea, children need to feel they have accomplished something be it a big thing or a little thing

  3. That's a great idea! I bet it really motivates them.

  4. Wow, we need these! Also--big brother is taking violin? Pretty cool!


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