May 1, 2012

Reversible Circle Skirt ~ Clouds and Dora

Finally posting the adorable skirt I made a few weeks ago following this awesome tutorial from You & Mie.
I chose to put Dora on one side (I knew she'd love it) and the clouds and gray skies on the other (Kona cotton). I added yellow binding to brighten up both sides.
The reversible circle skirt was easy and fun to do and I love how this skirt swings as my daughter walks!
It's a little long on her right now, but that only means she'll be able to wear it longer. ;)
And some views of the the other gray side with the cloud applique...
Really pleased with this skirt! I can definitely see myself doing another one at some point.
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  1. Oh my goodness, I just found this after looking through the comments on this heArt of mine. I love it!! It's so fun! And I'm glad the tutorial made sense :) I don't know if you have a flickr account, but I'd love it if you added a pic or two to the group I made: Thanks so much for sharing your skirt - I hope you make more!! - Cherie from you & mie


Thank you for your comments! I enjoy reading them! :)

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